Your Food Waste Assistant by Love Food Hate Waste

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LFHWLove Food Hate Waste launches the Your Food Waste Assistant - a new online interactive tool, to help people avoid throwing away everyday foods at home.

What.../ This digital tool for your phone and tablet, called ‘Your Food Waste Assistant', provides people with practical help and advice on more than 600 food products, offering more than 30 solutions and tips to common problems that can result in food being wasted. Why.../ Research has found that household food waste arises from a number of complex, often unrelated behaviours. This new device offers a quick and easy way of finding solutions to food waste. All the user needs to do is specify the food they have recently thrown away. The tool then suggests ways in which it could have been used, or if inedible, how best to avoid wastage in the future. Where.../ The app can be found here.    
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