Sainsbury's upps the seasonal produce game with a new range of….game

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No longer just a red-trousered dinner party favourite, cooking with game is moving away from the estates and into urban kitchens.

From  November until February, 13 new Taste the Difference and By Sainsbury's game products will be available, including: Mallard Duck, Wild Scottish Venison Steaks, Whole Pheasant and Whole Partridge, all of which are sourced from specialist suppliers in Scotland and Yorkshire. Sainsbury's has teamed up with renowned chef Richard Corrigan to create four delicious seasonal recipes using new game products from the Taste the Difference range. Renowned Michelin-starred chef Richard, who has numerous restaurants including Bentley's Bar and Grill and Corrigan's of Mayfair in London, is passionate about seasonal food and locally sourced ingredients. richard_wsite1 The traditional associations of game mean many of us urbanites are unsure how to cook and serve it, so Richard has provided a selection of delicious and easy recipes including Venison Ceviche, Poached Pheasant with Apple and Chestnuts, and Grilled Partridge with Sweetcorn, Preserved Lemon and Chorizo. Check out the full recipes here. The full game range will consist of:
  • By Sainsburys British Venison Sausages (£2.70)
  • By Sainsburys British Venison Burgers (£2.70)
  • By Sainsburys British Venison Grill Steaks (£2.70)
  • Taste the Difference Scottish Venison and British Pork Sausages (£3)
  • Taste the Difference Venison Burgers (£3)
  • Taste the Difference Wild Scottish Venison meatballs with sea salt and rosemary (£3.50)
  • Taste the Difference Diced Wild Scottish Venison (£4)
  • Taste the Difference Wild Scottish Venison Steak (£7)
  • Taste the Difference Game Casserole (£4.50)
  • Taste the Difference Pheasant Fillets (£4.50)
  • Taste the Difference Whole Partridge (£4.50)
  • Taste the Difference Whole Pheasant (£6)
  • Taste the Difference Mallard Duck (£6)
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