Sainsbury's launch 'Love Your Freezer' campaign

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Forget grim ready-meals and Peter Andre for Iceland - the freezer is getting a makeover.

Sainsbury's have recently unveiled their latest campaign, ‘Love Your Freezer', to encourage people to get the most out of their freezer and help them make delicious mid-week meals. The campaign aims to inspire and provide practical tips for simple solutions on how to create balanced and nutritious meals using ingredients from the freezer. The home freezer has long been associated with ready-meals and junk food, but with a new range including herbs, Taste the Difference fish and meat and even desserts, creating a decent, nutritious meal after a long day is easier than ever. Feel-good fish Cooking with frozen fish is a quick way to put a healthy meal together, plus using individually frozen portions means you can save on food waste. Check the packets to see if the fish can be cooked straight from the freezer, or simply pop in the fridge the night before cooking to defrost overnight. Mid-week meat and vegetarian staples From meatballs to meat-free mince, a warming bolognaise is never far away with Sainsbury's ready-prepared frozen ingredients. Staple side dishes  Store an inspiring selection of staple side-dishes in your freezer. Convenient individual packs are fantastic for padding out leftovers to make a hearty meal. compressed_Freezer-cod-video-772x434 Getting your five a day from the freezer From field to frozen within hours, get creative with a wide range of ready-prepared vegetables that will help save you time and avoid waste when making casseroles, soups or curries. Adding flavour to your food from the freezer Liven up dishes with Sainsbury's wide range of herbs from the freezer – it's a great way to save time and avoid waste, plus there's no need to defrost. Just stir and warm through your dish minutes before serving. Fruit and sweet treats Fruit is the freezer's best friend; from pepping up breakfast smoothies to creating healthy alternatives to ice-lollies, it's a great way to help add some fun to your five a day.   For recipe ideas and practical tips on how to make the most out of your freezer go to check out the videos on the  Sainsbury's YouTube channel.  
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