Sackville's Mayfair

Clare D'Silva |

Warning: Sackville's is for meat and truffle lovers only, no vegetarians allowed.

JamieLau-Sackvilles-7365 Who…/ Executive Chef, Wayne Dixon (former Sous Chef of Gordon Ramsay's Maze Grill) has conjured up, what can only be described as perfection in his new meat and truffle based menu. Downstairs in the basement bar, Mixologist Monica Berg (formerly at Jason Atherton's Pollen Street Social) has also created a number of magical concoctions, serving stunning signature cocktails and spirits. Menu…/ A menu that combines decadent Croatian black truffle with three high quality beef cuts USDA, Wagyu beef and Casterbridge Angus can only be a good thing. A selection of burgers, steaks and other meat dishes are on offer alongside a number of truffle intense starters and sides such as the Truffle Hunt – grilled and marinated mushrooms with truffle salami and truffle dust and Truffle Mac & Cheese, both of which did not disappoint in the flavour stakes. JamieLau-Sackvilles-7430   Drinks…/ The cocktail menu focuses on spirits that have strong links to food such as Cognac and Armagnac alongside fortified wines, sherry and vermouth, so provide the perfect accompaniment to a hearty steak dish. The bar also serves malt whiskies and fine wines from around the world. If you are lucky enough to visit when Jesus, the maitre d' is around then you will be sure to learn a thing or two in a rather playful way. We tried three different drinks and were asked which we think went best with our food. I'd recommend trying the Ramos Pinto, a ten year old gastronomic port wine that is best served chilled. The Vibe…/ Previously a tailor shop, Sackville's has taken decor inspiration from its predecessor with the downstairs bar showing exposed brickwork and tan leather seats whilst teal velour banquettes and an autumnal mossy green colour palette on the ground floor fit perfectly with the truffle based menu. The two-floor restaurant is very New York inspired with dull gold fixtures and seating for four at the open kitchen. The staff are all exceptionally friendly and informative, whilst leaving you to your own devices to enjoy your evening. All in all Sackville's offers a relaxed, nonchalant vibe, where you could easily spend hours catching up with friends, and you will need it after the amount of lavish food that you are likely to polish off beforehand! We visited and here's why you should go…/ Being both a truffle addict and a steak lover, I may be slightly bias, but this was possibly one of the best meals I have ever eaten (and believe me, I have eaten a lot!) Whilst most dishes on the menu do sound incredibly rich, containing foie grois, beef and truffle, Chef Wayne has somehow executed the menu to perfection, leaving me and my dining partner incredibly full but still wanting to try every single item on the menu before we went home! Sackvilles is decadent in all senses of the word, and should be saved to treat a loved one on a special occasion, believe me if a date took me here, I would be putty in their hands! Where…/ 8a Sackville Street, London  
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