Mouth-watering new Christmas desserts from PAUL Bakery

Cat Byers |


Jazzy up your Christmas (sorry, ‘Noel') with some fancy French treats from PAUL this year, and no one will remember the dry turkey.

PAUL, the leading French family-run bakery and Provider of Wonderful Baguettes has got the sweet side of Christmas sorted with a range of decadent desserts designed by their skilled artisan bakers. The range of Bûches de Noel (Christmas Logs to us) includes a wicked dark chocolate glaze, praline mousse, and sweet pear compote bûche, a fruity vanilla and almond bûche with apricot pieces and edible gold pearls, and a classic rich chocolate sponge and mousse bûche topped with milk and dark chocolate shavings. All of these are hand crafted and technically serve between 8-10 people, although we won't judge you for eating the whole thing yourself. Individual portions are also available for £3.95 each. paul-brioche They've also designed an architecturally-sound Igloo cake made with chocolate sponge, mousse, hazelnut craquant and topped with white chocolate and icing sugar for the young at heart, and a Galette Frangipane sweet pastry pie to celebrate the Twelfth Night of Christmas. However, not content with just dominating the table on the 25th, PAUL have created some soft St Nicholas-shaped brioches dipped in dark chocolate for a festive afternoon snack (or breakfast…) too. Pick up one at a branch of PAUL now, before we stockpile them to help us through January. Bûche Poire Chocolat, Bûche Amande Abricot and Bûche Roulée Chocolat are priced at £28.95 each. 
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