Learn the secrets of Parisian chocolate with the Alain Ducasse Chocolate Workshop

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Manufacture de chocolat - Alain Ducasse - Bonbons de chocolat @pierremonettaDressing well, shrugging their shoulders and not getting fat - there's an endless list of things Parisians do better than us.

And while we can't help you with French fashion, the secrets of their chocolate making will finally be revealed in a series of exclusive masterclasses at the Alain Ducasse Restaurant at The Dorchester. For the first time, acclaimed French chef Alain Ducasse is bringing his sweet skills to London under the watchful eye of artisan chocolate maker Nicolas Berger. After conquering French gastronomy and winning a staggering 33 Michelin stars world-wide, Ducasse opened La Manufacture de Chocolat in Paris in early 2013.  Located in a former Renault factory in the heart of Paris (close to La Bastille), it is the only bean-to-bar factory in Paris. Their approach is entirely traditional - the cocao beans are personally chosen from places like Madagasgar, Peru, and Trinidad depending on the type of chocolate they are making, and a coffee grinder is used to grind the beans. Manufacture de chocolat - Alain Ducasse - Fondu @pierremonetta While you can normally only enjoy these luxury chocolates at their two Paris boutiques, this workshop gives you a chance to try them without even leaving London. Using only the finest chocolate from La Manufacture, guests at the workshop will be taught the best ways to melt, mould and work with chocolate through tutorials to create a tarte fine au chocolate,  a signature soufflé and a selection of 'Mediant' chocolate bars. Aftet the class you'll get a chance to enjoy the spoils of your labour during a goûter with Nicolas, where you can quiz him for further chocolatey secrets. You'll also get a recipe booklet to take home so you can attempt to recreate the delicious desserts. _MG_9495 The two masterclasses, priced at £150 per person, will take place at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester on the 7th of February and 7th of March. Booking opened on the 1st November and they're expected to sell out well in advance, so get to it! Manufacture de chocolat - Alain Ducasse - Plaque chocolat @pierremonetta
Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Park Lane, London, W1K 1QA
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