Basque Cuisine at Bilbao Berria, Regent Street

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Bilbao Berria, Regent Street

A little taste of the authentic wonders of the Basque Country in London at Bilbao Berria on Regent Street.

Txaloki, Pintxos, Rioja and Cider. Four reasons to book your flights to Bilbao now. Bilbao Berria on Regent Street offers a taste of the cuisine of this region of Northern Spain where they have the most Michelin stars in the world - no less than 39! Basque cuisine is unique. Only there do they produce Txakoli, a light fresh white wine, made all the crisper and slightly bubbly by pouring it from a height. This refreshing aperitif is the perfect accompaniment to Pintxos, the lesser known Basque version of Tapas, with ingredients like quail's egg, seared tuna, pickled piquillo peppers, and salt-cured anchovies (or boquerones), served on a skewer. Pintxos literally means spike, and the most renowned is the Gilda, named for Rita Hayworth's character in the eponymous post-war movie. Tortilla de Bacalao or salt cod omelette is traditionally a peasant's dish, and it's rustic feel makes for the ideal accompaniment for Basque Cider. Known locally as Sagardoa, cider is produced in cider-houses around the region. These venues host cider tastings where the cider is served from the barrels, poured from a height to air it and give a crash of flavour and drunk like a shot. And don't forget the Rioja. Produced in the Alavesa region, the infamous wine is still made in some bodegas, notably El Fabulista, using the traditional method of pressing the grapes with the feet. More than 120 estates produce Rioja in Alavesa and welcome visitors to stay and sample the Basque region's finest wines whilst sampling the unique Basque pintxos. That's it. I'm there. Topa!   2 Regent St, SW1Y 4LR
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