Vermouth & Aromatised Wine Masterclass with B&H Handbook

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Boozy August kicks off with a Vermouth & Aromatised Wine Masterclass at B&H Handbook.

What.../ B&H Handbook will explore the complex and time-long history of Vermouths & Aromatised Wines - drinks cabinet staples that go well beyond the Martini or Negroni. In this master class hosted by industry experts, guests will learn about the various styles and sheer versatility of Vermouth and other aromatised wines. Why.../ Whether to create your own classic Vermouth or simply acquire knowledge on the rich history of one of the fundamental ingredients behind the classic cocktail. B&H's bartenders will also create a delivious cocktail based around the evenings theme. Where and When and How Much.../
Tickets are £10 there will be two sessions on the 8th of August at 7pm and 8pm.
The venue is at: B&H buildings, 42 Northampton Road, EC1R 0HU, London.
The link for guests to book is here...
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