Put down your soggy sandwich and meet Lunch BXD

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Londoners rejoice. Your paltry salads and soggy sandwiches can be a thing of the past. Introducing Lunch BXD, two talented chefs delivering delicious meals straight to your desk.

Lunch BXD was started by Naomi and Anna, two young chefs who met at Leith's Cookery School. They aim to create vibrant, fresh and tasty lunches for busy city workers across London. Using local suppliers and the finest British produce, they create naturally healthy, satisfying meals which are energising and balanced - packed with protein, fresh vegetables, whole grains and pulses. We caught up with the girls to see what's on the menu.
 How did you get started?
We met at Leith's where we bonded over our love of food and cookery. We both left to work abroad as chefs and then back in London too. During a cookery job at the start of last year, we were swapping recipe ideas of what we both created in the kitchen at home and realised we both shared a passion for tasty, substantial and healthy food. On the spur of the moment we decided to see if others would be interested in our style of cookery, and they were (phew!). Within 6 months we had moved from cooking at home into our own kitchen space near Waterloo where we operate our business from now.
What advice can you give people who want to start a food business?
Take the leap on a small scale. We learnt so much through just getting out there with a few offices at the start of last year.
What's your favourite dish that you've created for your menu?
Anna: My favourite is either the grilled chicken and fresh homemade satay salad with quinoa or our marmite popcorn, it's so moreish.
Naomi: Same, once you've made your own fresh satay sauce you won't look back! I also love our cashew - pesto grilled salmon.
What's your most memorable meal?
Anna: When I was travelling in Peru I discovered Nutella & banana pizzas. Not your typical Peruvian food, nor healthy - but a really one off treat.
Naomi: A whole knuckle of slow-cooked pork I had on a mountain in St. Anton. I shared it with friends after a long day's skiing.
Have you ever eaten anything really weird?
Anna: I think the weirdest thing I've ever eaten is pigs eyeballs. Sure.
Naomi: Brain, which is delicious, or I tried grasshopper crisps once.
If you could pick one kitchen staple, what would it be?
Anna: No question, Maldon Sea Salt.
Naomi: Can I have two? Lemon and fresh herbs.
What's your top cooking tip or trick?
Naomi: We recently learnt the pomegranate floating trick from our nutritionist;  peel a pomegranate in water and the pitch floats and the seeds sink, making it so much easier to separate and you don't end up with pink juice everywhere.
Anna: Another great tip, which we regularly use, is to peel strips of celery with a mandolin then put them in ice cold water. They go really crispy and curly and look great as a garnish.
Who's your biggest food inspiration?
Naomi: I love Simon Rogan and the earthy, natural style of his food.
Anna: My favourite restaurant is Pollen Street Social, Jason Atherton is a genius.
Finally, what's your desert island dish?
Anna: Ribs. Just ribs.
Naomi: Roast chicken with all of the trimmings.
Lunch BXD relaunched this Monday with a new website, new packaging and new menu. For the same price of £8.50 (including free delivery) you'll get a freshly prepared lunch and healthy foodie snack from one of Lunch BXD's favourite brands. This week their featuring Munchy Seeds, The London Tea Company & you can add on cacao rich Ombar Mylk Chocolate Buttons! You can also order platters directly through the new website and find recipes of Lunch BXD's most popular dishes on their blog. 
Visit the Lunchbxd website to see the latest menus. Dishes cost £8.50 including a snack from one of our favourite healthy brands with free delivery to your office
Yauatcha City, Broadgate Circle
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