Pizza Union, King's Cross

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Pizza Union comes to Kings Cross with the promise of the fastest pizza in town! 

What.../ A bar for pizzas. A wide selection of pizzas all ready in 3 minutes to match the fast paced lifestyle of everyday Londoners. Complimenting this is the urban yet rustic feel Pizza Union radiates upon entry. The restaurant is open plan with large shared tables and a view of the stone-fire ovens roaring away. Menu.../ As any pizza goer should expect, Pizza Union has all the classics on their menu including Margherita, Fiorentina and a spicy Calabria.  With prices starting at £4, it provides amazing value too. The menu also provides some delicious desserts of doughy rings filled with Nutella, coconut or salted caramel. We visited and here's why you should go.../ Pizza is quite possibly one of the most important dishes throughout the globe especially when it's good. Pair this with the fact that some countries pretty much consider the dish a vegetable (*looks across the pond*) and you no longer have an excuse not to partake! Pizza Union does good and fast pizza, it's a handy place to visit if you're in a rush and you're looking for quick with quality. Where.../
 246-250 Pentonville Rd London N1 9JY
For more information visit
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