Joe's Southern Kitchen MacRib banishes January detox!

Rose Mccullough |

Joe's Southern Kitchen has put an end to January dieting with the big, bad MacRib.

"New year, new you" is the phrase that has been filling our social media feeds over the past week. But for those of you who are quite content with your 2014-self, check out Joe's Southern Kitchen's take on the famous McRib. IMG_8859 Featuring a soft sub packed with pork rib patti, pulled pork rib, gherkins, onion and BBQ sauce and a hearty side of BBQ sauce-loaded mac n cheese, the new MacRib is a Man vs Food situation. We loved the unashamedly cheesy 'Mac' (the addition of BBQ sauce is a winner), which we gorged ourselves on before even turning to the 'Rib' side of the dish. The rib patti was a little McRib for our liking, but the sub as a whole was super tasty, with loads of pickles sandwiching the rib-on-rib duo. IMG_8858 The MacRib is back on the menu for £10.95 and is one hell of an eat, which we dare you to take on. Visit Joe's Southern Kitchen on King Street in Covent Garden, WC2E 8JD to get on it.  
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