Cottons Rhum Shack, Camden

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Cottons Rum

Cottons Rhum Shack in Camden delivers flavour, vibrancy and genuine culinary delights straight from the Caribbean.

Quite impressively, 2015 sees the restaurant celebrate its 30th anniversary with a revamp of its decor and menu! Who.../ Cottons Rhum Shack is one of the few truly authentic Caribbean restaurants in London offering both delicious food and incredible cocktails with an impressive variety of rum. Menu.../ Steeped in the traditional styles of Caribbean cuisine Cottons Rhum Shack offers a variety of delicious dishes for all to enjoy. Delicious starters include Cuttlefish and prawn spring rolls with sweet chilli jam, mixed leaves dressed with lemongrass and soya; and a sharp, rich and fruity dish of Caramelised pineapple and grilled goats cheese on a crostini with bulls blood salad, laced with sweet chilli sauce and toasted pinenuts. It's no surprise that mains feature plenty of  jerk and BBQ options, including an immense signature platter of Jerked pork ribs, chicken, pork kofta and chicken wings, rice n' peas, jerk sauce and fried plantain.  Curried Mutton and Beef Stew take care of fans of slow cooked meat, whilst seafood lovers will be pleased to see traditional Caribbean varieties including Jerked seabass, Parrot fish and Tilapia. Drinks.../ Keeping to the Jamaican vibe, there's a grand list of rum based cocktails to drink.  Give the ominously named but seriously delicious Killer Doppi is certainly a good place to start; comprising of 4 different rums, Apricot Liqueur, Blue Curacao, orange, pineapple & fresh lime juice, the word Doppi means ghost which is what the drinker supposedly turns into after finishing!   The Strong Back is a little an the alternative side of the cocktail tracks, but well worth a try too, featuring  a rich mix of Stout, Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum, condensed milk and nutmeg blended with ice. Cocktails Rhum We went and here's why you should go.../ There aren't too many restaurants that have fed and entertained Londoners for 30 years, so Cottons has clearly got the right formula!  In true Caribbean fashion, it doesn't take itself too seriously, but the food is full of flavour  whilst the cocktails pack plenty of punch. With its cool reggae beats and laid back vibes, it's the perfect place for a night with friends or fun date! Where.../ Cottons Camden, 55 Chalk Farm Road, London NW1  
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