Sloe Bloom Gin

Pritesh Mody |

Sloe Bloom GinWe've all got an aunt or uncle somewhere that swears by their own Sloe gin recipe, but let's face it, most of us city dwellers are too busy drinking to be concerned with making our own booze!  So step up the rather snazzy looking Sloe Bloom Gin.

Bloom has kept to tradition and make it by hand by macerating sloe berries in their wonderfully floral gin to create a richly coloured and deeply flavoured sloe gin.  It's delicious neat, but we'd recommend having a bit of fun by mixing it up in a simple cocktail, such as a Bramble (with lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice) or even adding a touch to your glass of Prosecco. £25 from Harvey Nicholls and good spirits shops.
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