Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - Personalised for Father's Day!

Pritesh Mody |

Jack Daniels Single Barrel

No drinks cabinet is complete without a good bottle of American Whiskey, and brands don't get more iconic than Jack Daniel's.  So get your dad the perfect liquid gift with a personalised bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel!

Take one look at the heavy, beautifully designed bottle and you know immediately that this is no ordinary bottle of whiskey.  Every so often, the Jack Daniel's tasting team discover a barrel of whiskey so special that it is set aside for Single Barrel status. With a richer, robust flavour to the more widely known Jack Daniel's Old No. 7, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel has notes of toasted oak, vanilla and caramel and each barrel offers individual nuances of colour and taste. Given that no two barrels are the same, each bottle also bears an individual rick number and bottling date.  Get your dad's name inscribed on it and you basically earned yourself a free ticket for anything you want from him! Jack Daniel's Single Barrel can be engraved both on the side and on the front of the bottle and bought exclusively through The Whisky Shop online, priced at £47. www.whiskyshop.com/JD-engraving
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