World's First Museum of Food by Bompass & Parr

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Museum of Food

Culinary experimentalists, Bompass & Parr have launched their most thought-provoking creation yet with the launch of The British Museum of Food.

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The installation is the world's first cultural institution entirely devoted to the history, evolution, science, sociology and art of food.  Never before has the subject of food been explored so powerfully, with a series of exhibits that align with the quirky and disruptive style of the studio's approach to communicating food and drink coupled with the ethos and values of a serious museum.

The opening exhibits manifest a variety of features that embody the museum's motto of ‘From Field to Table, Mouth... and Beyond.'

- Be the Bolus: the Peristalsis Experience – an immersive digital journey into the body, following the path of food along the alimentary canal from the mouth, into the stomach and intestines, using footage obtained working with consultant gastronenterologist Dr Simon Anderson

- Choco-Phonica – a sonic wonderland focused on chocolate where visitors are asked to experience taste against the medium of sound, curated in collaboration with Space Doctors and Nathanael Williams Music with the advice of multisensory scientists

- The British Menu Archive – a selection of historical and beautiful menus, normally an ephemeral part of food culture but actually a revealing historical resource

- The Butterfly Effect – a walk-through tropical butterfly experience that tells the story of the unsung heroes of pollination in the context of global food security concerns

- Atelier of Flavour – a gallery showcase of food as art, with a focus on how different artists have used unusual materials to represent the English Breakfast.


Tickets are priced at £5 for adults and £4 for children (under 16 years) from

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At least 3 months, from 23rd October 2015.

One Cathedral Street, Borough Market, SE1 9DE

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