Smoked Salmon Bacon (YES you read that correctly!)

Pritesh Mody |

Smoked Salmon Bacon

Like you probably did, I had to read this headline twice to check my eyes weren't deceiving me.  Alas it's true - someone has actually created Smoked Salmon Bacon!

Made from 100% premium Scottish Atlantic Salmon and cured with a blend of rock salt and sugar, the 'bacon' is then air-dried and gently smoked for 48 hours.

Smoked Salmon Bacon apparently provides a more ‘accessible' healthier lifestyle option to meat as well as being rich in the oh-so healthy, Omega 3's.

We've not tried it yet, but love to hear any of our readers thoughts...

Available from Wholefoods and Ocado in 170g packs priced from £3.49 per pack

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