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Forget wine and beer - these cocktails by Gin Mare are the perfect accompaniment to food!

When it comes to choosing drinks to match with food, the default choice is pretty much always wine, with beer also increasingly being served. However, the clever folks at Gin Mare have created a couple of cocktails that genuinely work brilliantly with food. Simply named 'The White One' and 'The Red One', we enjoyed these with an incredible Spanish meal at Pizarro in Bermondsey.

gin mare3The White One - designed for white meats and simple seafood

35ml Gin Mare 25ml dry vermouth 25ml lemon juice 20ml melon syrup

Stir down all ingredients with ice, strain into a wine glass and top sparkling water.  Garnish with olive

The Red One: great with pork, beef and charcuterie

35ml gin mare 15ml  Merlet creme de cassis 70ml darjeeling tea 5ml tannic acid solution

Stir down with ice and pour into a wine glass. Be careful though because you don't want this drink too cold.

Gin Mare is available from Waitrose and good drinks retailers for around £30.
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