Christmas Drinks Round-Up

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Sodastream PlaySodaStream Play SodaStream - the de rigueur foodie gadget of choice from the 1980's - has been making something of a comeback of late and as fans of all things sparkling at Christmas, we're pretty hooked on ours. Forget all of the soft drinks that you can make and just consider the boozy possibilities.  With an infinite supply of fizzy water on top, it's the perfect gadget to accompany our essential Bermondsey Tonic Water as well as being ideal for Tom Collins-type gin cocktails and an Aperol Spritz.  We even went all Heston and gave some regular white wine a Champagne style fizz, which was fun! Available in a range of lively colours, it'll jazz up your drinks cabinet too! Widely available for around £60. Haig Club WhiskyHaig Club Whisky You'd have to be living on Mars if you haven't seen the adverts featuring David Beckham and his Diageo collaboration to create Haig Club Whisky. So what's it all about? Haig Club is made from unmalted barley, giving it a much sweeter, smoother flavour profile than the bolder Single Malts.  The distinct notes of tropical fruits also make it ideal for mixing contemporary cocktails or to serve long with soda as a pre-dinner drink. If you're a hardcore fan of classic Single Malts, then this probably isn't for you.  However, if you're a fan of the new generation of world whiskies, a whisky novice or fancy yourself a bit of a closet mixologist then you won't be disappointed.  With its already iconic blue aftershave-like bottle, Haig Club makes for a great gift too. Available from good drinks retailers for around £42. Here are some great cocktails that Haig Club has created for budding bartenders… Zing Aged Cocktail Collection Wide Image SWorld of Zing Aged Cocktail Collection Bring the bartender home with you this Christmas and serve up something altogether more interesting with World of Zing's range of aged cocktails. Instead of boring wine and simple G&Ts, these cocktails give you the chance to enjoy the kind drinks found only in London's best bars – simply pour over ice and you're ready to go. Based on twists of classic cocktails, the range comprises a rich and super-aromatic Bordeaux Wine Cask Aged Negroni  that recently won a Gold Medal at the Spirits Masters Competition; a literally taste bud tingling Steel Aged Manhattan with Anaesthetic Brandy; and an elegant Blueberry & Tamarind Rum Punch that's ideal to get festivities started. Crafted in small batches in East London using the finest spirits, each cocktail is hand bottled, labelled and dated, making them a great gift idea too. Available for £20-£26/bottle, or from £40 for the complete collection from Duppy Share RumDuppy Share Rum Duppy Share takes its name from the spirits of Caribbean folklore known as duppies, that originate from the islands of Jamaica and are known to have a special love of rum. Caribbean legend has it that the duppies swoop between islands stealing the best share of the rum as it is left ageing in old oak barrels. The Duppy Share is a beautifully balanced blend of two premium rums from the Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica and the prestigious Foursquare distillery in Barbados.  A bold, three year old, 100% pot still Jamaican rum packed with punchy tropical flavours upfront is followed by a smooth five year old Barbadian rum, giving a warm buttery finish. Distilled by fourth generation rum masters, the spirits are aged in old, American oak bourbon barrels and bottled in London. A versatile rum for both spirit connoisseurs and those new to the world of rum, the brand has also created one of our favourite cocktails of the year – the Old Fashioned Duppy.  Check out the recipe here… Around £28 from good drinks shops. Green Spot Whiskey Green Spot Irish Whiskey The highly regarded and well decorated Green Spot was originally created for Mitchell & Sons in the early 20th Century. Today, made at the Midleton Distillery in County Cork, alongside Redbreast, Jameson and many others, Green Spot is made only in small quantities, so get a bottle of this rare treat whenever you can. Green Spot is made from a selection of Pot Still whiskies aged in new bourbon and refill bourbon casks, and sherry casks, for between seven and ten years. Fresh and aromatic, with a full spicy body, Green Spot is flavoursome enough to match-up to your Christmas meal, whilst also being light enough to sip on. Around £38 from Waitrose and good spirits shops Jack Daniels Winter JackJack Daniels Winter Jack Launched as a special edition last year, we're glad to see the return of Jack Daniels Winter Jack. Winter Jack is a tasty blend of festive spices infused with apples and, of course, Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey.  Best served warm, it's the perfect drink to enjoy over the festive season.  At just 15% Abv, it's seriously easy drinking too. Available in most supermarkets for around £15.
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