Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Ice Drop -The Ice is Right!

Pritesh Mody |
Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Ice Drop The drinks world has become obsessed with rituals when imbibing their ever more fastidiously created concoctions, but the Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Ice Drop has set a new standard in this arena. When Chivas Regal wanted to create the ultimate statement to highlight the luxury and quality of their beautiful 18 Year Old blend, they turned to none other than Pininfarina – the design house responsibe for penning the gorgeous lines of pretty much every single Ferrari since the 1950's… …And so came to reality the dreams of someone who we imagine spent his childhood idolising Don Johnson's character in Miami Vice. My adventure starts with a somewhat vague e-mail requesting that I keep 4th November free for the launch of this significant partnership. Fast forward to said date, and I'm awoken at 6.30am (as is the rest of my street!) by what can only be described as the unapologetic roar of a Ferrari Enzo approaching and reversing ever-so-slowly into my driveway.  And thus starts the greatest commute known to mankind, for the sole purpose of this £1million beauty was to taxi me to Battersea heliport. From here I would be choppered over to Farnborough Airport where a PRIVATE JET (!!) was preparing to fly 12 lucky souls over to Scotland for a quick tour and lunch at the home of Chivas Regal in Strathisla… and we still hadn't seen what this whole adventure was actually about! A few hours and a hearty lunch later and the same vehicles that transported us to Scotland returned us in fitting style to the Connaught Hotel in London where all was to be revealed… Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Ice Drop 2 Yes, this whole day of outrageous luxury was for the launch of a new icon for the luxury spirits sector – the Pininfarina Ice Drop. Here was a new form of ice that did more than just chill a drink, but also tell a story and create a new drinking experience.  Inspired by his grandfather's fascination with the way nature shaped our world, Paolo Pininfarina decided to place a block of ice into the same wind-tunnel that has shaped a plethora of modern Ferraris.  The result is a stunning teardrop shaped form of ice that not only lays claim to being inspired by the godfather of luxury motor-car design, but also ensures that anyone enjoying Chivas 18 will instantly stand out from the crowd. The presses that create these exquisite droplets of ice are housed exclusively at London's finest bars including Connaught; Savoy, Artesian, Nightjar and Happiness Forgets - pop in for a dram of Chivas 18 and you're a guaranteed a memorable experience.  A further 1500 are also available for the rest of us to purchase for $399.  Better get writing to Santa!  
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