Tonkotsu at Selfridges – New Opening

Josie Price |

Tonkotsu, the specialist ramen bar that opened and then immediately took Soho by storm two years ago, has just opened its third site in the heart of central London within the glamour of Selfridge's Food Hall.

Tonkotsu at Selfridges will serve up an exclusive Chilli Chicken ramen alongside Edamame Beans, Pickled Cucumber and Gyoza. Other ramens include the eponymous Tonkotsu, made with slices of pork belly with a silky smooth pork stock broth and a miso variety made with Shiitake mushrooms for non-meat eaters. They will also serve a range of London and Japanese beers including Yoho Beer, which is exclusive to Tonkotsu and they are the only restaurant in London to serve it. Tonkotsu – literally meaning ‘pig bones' and is the name of the richest, porkiest ramen dish - serves a variety of completely authentic and delicious ramen with various starters, sides, artisan Japanese beers and whiskies to complete the menu. @tonkotsulondon #happyramen Tonkotsu at Selfridges Selfridges Food Hall, Oxford Street, London. W1A 1AB​ Tonkotsu at Selfridges
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