New Opening - Cutter & Squidge Pop-Up Bakery

Cat Byers |


Cutter & Squidge, the genius team behind the Biskie have finally given in to demand and opened their own pop-up shop in Soho.

We all went mad for the delicious Biskie creation (if you haven't tried it, get down to the shop ASAP), and now the Cutter & Squidge girls have set up shop at 4 Brewer Street in Soho to sell their full range of innovative sweet and savoury treats. Whats more, everything Cutter & Squidge create uses all natural colourings by extracting colour from fruits, vegetables and spices, so you can enjoy them without a scrap of guilt. Among the delights in the shop are Dream Cakes, Chocolate Gems, Honeycomb, Jams and the award winning Cutter & Squidge Salted Caramel, which recently won 3 stars and was listed as a Top 20 product in the latest Great Taste Awards. The Biskie is also strongly represented, with over 16 flavour options including OMG It's Green with green tea, a white chocolate and raspberry option and an opulent Billionaire Biskie made with 24ct gold and Belgian chocolate. very berry marshmallows (1) Also on offer in the bakery are a range of savoury treats including veggie quiche and cheese twists, as well as hot chocolate, artesian tea and coffee and new cold tipple 'Oomph-ade', which comes in three styles:‘Refresh' with fizzy water, fruit and botanicals, ‘Revive' with white tea, fruit and botanicals or ‘Replenish' with coconut water, fruit and botanicals. The Cutter & Squidge journey began in early 2013, when Annabel and Emily began inventing new products, recreating classics and creating cutting edge taste sensations from a tiny kitchen in North West London.They soon began selling at Partridges Market in Chelsea and Shepherds Market in the City, and these markets proved to be so popular the girls had to find a new production site within just 6 months. Since relocating to Fulham in October, Cutter & Squidge have run a pop up shops in Selfridge's London FoodHall and are suppliers to Harrods, and are now finally in charge of their own pop-up shop. 
Plus with Lent over tomorrow, there's no better time than the present to make up for all the chocolate you missed.
4 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1F 0SB 
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