Aromatic Art: The Spice Print Edition at Southbank Alchemy Festival

Pritesh Mody |
Aromatic Art - The Spice Edition

Working with the exciting array of spices available at World of Zing, award winning artist and food historian Tasha Marks (AVM Curiosities) has created Aromatic Art:  The Spice Print Edition - the UK's first immersive spiced-based art exhibition.

Tasha has delved into the aromatic world of spice to discover the creative potential of this rich natural pallet of colours, flavours and sensations.  From the brightest cumin and its explosion of vivid yellows, to the deep cadmium red of saffron and paprika, Marks experiments with the variety of flavours and scents in her series of art prints. Inspired by the origins of the spice, each print will be paired with a background story, painting a picture of where that spice came from and bringing a new context to both the image and the aroma. The artworks fuse the contemporary with the traditional; using antique Indian woodblocks to create each design, while presenting a display which is fresh, vibrant and exciting. Marks will also be hosting a number of private viewings where visitors can gain further insight into the idea, inspiration and process of creating the art works. Location: World of Zing Bar & Gallery, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX Open from 15-25 May 2015  (12pm-9pm) | Free Entry Learn more about the exhibition by following @AVMcuriosities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or visiting Aromatic Art - Print Block LR
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