The Zing Philosophy

World of Zing is the UK’s first ‘Contemporary Food & Drink Emporium’. We have brought together some of the UK’s most exciting flavour experts – from chefs to street foodies and mixologists – to create an inspiring range of produce and ingredients to add a touch of ‘Zing’ to our everyday culinary lives!

Using the unique supply chain and almost 50 years of experience supplying the UK’s most discerning chefs through parent company Gandhi Oriental Foods, Pritesh Mody, a 3rd generation member of the family business, has launched World of Zing to give every day consumers access to essential and unique ingredients that reflect contemporary eating and drinking habits.

We have noticed a massive disconnect between the eating habits of the adventurous foodie community and the produce available in the retail environment.   As such, World of Zing is the first retail environment to truly bridge this gap.  We give aspiring food & drink artisans a platform from which to retail their produce whilst also giving consumers access to these exciting products alongside a range of the finest quality herbs, spices and seasonings.

We have secured supply of everything from sauces, marinades, rubs and sweet treats from the most exciting street foodies and independent restaurants to a bespoke range of aged cocktails designed by award-winning bartenders.

Our Spices

Unlike many other spice and ingredient businesses, we are able to bring in small quantities of ingredients on a regular basis, which means:

  • Fresher ingredients – particularly crucial with spices, our range won’t be sitting around for months waiting to be sold.  We only purchase what we need and can quickly order more directly from source so that your ingredients deliver maximum flavour
  • Regularly changing ingredients list – because we aren’t under pressure to buy massive quantities, we can also regularly change our product range to provide new ideas and seasonal ingredients

Contemporary Product Range

  • World of Zing is working with everyone from leading mixologists and pioneers of the London food scene to specialist producers and suppliers to provide a product range inspired by popular food and drink culture.
  • World of Zing is about the simple and inspired application of flavour to food & drink – quite simply we want to help you ‘add some Zing’ into your food and drink!
Click here to learn more about our history, including a behind-the-scenes video of our unique business as featured on BBC’s Great British Menu!
Mark 'The Ribman' Gevaux and Pritesh from World of Zing at 'work' collaborating on a chilli sauce idea!

Mark ‘The Ribman’ Gevaux and Pritesh from World of Zing at ‘work’ collaborating on a chilli sauce idea!