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Pritesh Mody

Pritesh can’t take a selfie without being photo-bombed by that Jamie Oliver bloke

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Pritesh Mody, Editor (and Founder of World of Zing)

As the founder of Love Food Love Drink Magazine and World of Zing, Pritesh has basically fluked a living out of eating and drinking since completing a Law Degree at university many many years (and hangovers ago)!
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My most memorable meal:
Sitting on a beach in Goa surrounded by friends and family enjoying a Christmas lunch of grilled lobster and red snapper that had literally been caught that morning.  We only paid around £15 each for that incredible feast!

Non-food fact:
I was involved in launching a single for The Cheeky Girls – a looooong time ago!

Favourite London foodie hang-out:
Brockley Market for weekend feasting, Shoreditch in general for the plethora of foodie options – both streetfood and restaurants – and Opium Chinatown for late-night cocktails.

Foodie Hero:
The late Michael Winner’s legendary food column in The Sunday Times inspired me to start writing.  Despite living a life of fabulous wealth and dining at the world’s finest restaurants, Michael never took himself or the food too seriously and he had an endless supply of humorous anecdotes.

Special Interest:
Discovering new flavours and ingredients, which is what inspired me to launch World of Zing!

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Christian “Titchmarsh” Selby strikes a pose like his hero…

Christian Selby, Assistant Editor

Christian Selby’s love of exotic food and drink began at an early age. He was in Fiji when he tasted his first ever mango at the age of four and promptly ate six in quick succession. He has shown the same restraint ever since.

He has continued travelling, eating and drinking from South Africa to Canada to Polynesia and is now attempting it professionally having graduated from a three year stint in the Netherlands where unfortunately for him the national drink is eggnog.

Even more than his passion for food, Christian’s loves Alan Titchmarsh and aspires to one day be a heart-throb gardener just like his hero… which is why Christian was too busy posing for this photoshoot in his garden to complete the rest of his biog.

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Christian may be found musing about food and occasionally gardening in his shiny new Twitter account: @christowe2

Clare D’Silva

Clare is proudly a restrained drinker, sticking to just one drink per night...

Clare is proudly a restrained drinker, sticking to just one cocktail per night…

Meal times in the D’Silva household have always meant LOTS of food, and the dining table remains the heart of the family home. Since flying the nest I’ve learnt to cook, but prefer eating out and trying new things; sharing my experiences on my blog, As a serial snacker, I am constantly thinking about where my next foodie fix will be coming from. I’ve never been on a diet and wouldn’t dream of committing such a crime, living by the philosophy ‘Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.’

My most memorable meal:
My first experience of Persian food, which include hefty portions of rice, meat and tasting a REAL kebab at my friends house. This was swiftly followed by meat sweats and a gigantic food baby before going in for round two.

Non-food fact:
I can roll my tongue into the shape of a three leaf clover!

Favourite London foodie hang-out:
Too many to mention, but Borough Market is always a winner with the numerous restaurants around and chance to sample pastries, cheeses and breads from the market stalls.

Foodie Hero:
Jason Atherton; I met him at Taste of London one year, where he called me ma’am and I instantly fell in love with him. He is so passionate about food and is continuously opening the most amazing restaurants… so far I have been to three, but my aim is to make sure I visit the rest!

Special Interest:
Discovering new cuisines and specialty dishes from around the world.

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Amy Newbury

Wondering why Amy’s only wearing one glove? She’s actually using it to keep her pie warm (and there’s a burger under her hat too!).

A former recipe editor, cook and cocktail maker, Amy now spends her days working in publishing, dreaming up cookbooks and thinking about fun places to eat.

Tell us about your most memorable meal
I visited Copenhagen in February and sampled an incredible Nordic tasting menu at Cofoco. At an entirely different end of the spectrum, I will always remember the Broccoli Beef Brisket from Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco. And meals I’ve cooked for my family and friends of course, I don’t forget them.

Non-Food-Related Fact:
I am on the Secret Garden Party Rounders Team

Food Hero:
Rick Stein, because he’s the most accidental hero on television. And Roy-Muncy-Varty, who taught me all I know behind a bar and also happens to be a lovely person.

Favourite London Food Hangout:
Apollo Banana Leaf in Tooting, worth trekking for Sri Lankan food at extraordinary prices. Happiness Forgets for a wicked cocktail and I always keep an eye on the street food markets for a fun night out.