Yule Log and… Wuyi Oolong Tea? Pairing festive treats with JING tea

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The time between Christmas and New Year is a sort of culinary no-mans land, where everyone frantically tries to eat as many mince pies and slices of yule log as possible before they leave the shops in January.

By this point though, you've been drinking mulled wine, mulled cider and every other form of warm seasonal beverage since late November, and it's getting a bit sickly (and not helping the Christmas ‘padding' you've acquired). Fortunately, JING tea have foreseen this Christmas conundrum and come up with a selection of exotic loose-leaf teas which pair perfectly with mince pies, yule log, dark chocolate, apple pie and roasted chestnuts. JING tea is stocked in over 50 Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide too, so you know you're in good hands (even if you did get the mince pies from a bargain bin).

Mince Pies

Try with: Yunnan Gold Tea  Yunnan Gold is the ideal partner for mince pies - its smooth caramel-like texture pairs beautifully with the buttery mince pie pastry, and the dried fruit and spice notes complement the mincemeat. 50g bag Yunnan Gold (34 cups), £8.00 Print Roasted Chestnuts Try with: Dragon Well Tea Dragon Well adds a new dimension to this classic seasonal snack. Try a mouthful of just-shelled, still steaming chestnut washed down with a sip of this creamy and refreshing fired green tea. 50g bag (50 cups), £11.40

Yule Log

Try with: Wuyi Oolong Tea With a treat as rich and moreish as Yule Log you'll need a tea like Wuyi oolong that can be re-infused for when you inevitably reach for that second (or third, or fourth…) slice. 50g bag (50 cups), £12.50 


Dark Chocolate Try with: Cassia Tea Skip dessert and try a couple of squares of the best dark chocolate with a cup of Cassia, a variety of Wuyi Oolong tea. This category has both nutty, rich, caramel notes along with fruit and floral flavours. Pop the chocolate onto the roof of your mouth and help it melt with a sip of tea. 50g bag (67 cups), £41.50

Apple Pie

Try with: Iron Buddha Tea  One of the lighter combinations, Iron Buddha has a tart characteristic that pairs brilliantly with apple. Its smooth, creamy texture also suits buttery pastry. A grating of lemon zest over the pie and the match is complete. 50g bag (50 cups), £13.90
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