Sim Senhora: A unique Stoke Newington World Cup spot

Rose Mccullough |

Sim Senhora

Stoke Newington´s quirky French bistrot, Oui Madame transforms into Sim Senhora - a Brazilian pop up during the World Cup.

Oui Madame is a joyful French bistro created by the founders of Favela Chic in London and Paris. Their expertise in Brazilian food, drinks and vibe have come handy to transform Oui Madame into its Brazilian alter ego: Sim Senhora.   Sim Senhora will offer diners and team supporters an exclusive menu of Brazilian finger food served alongside a French finger food platter designed by Oui Madame´s head chef Marcelo Hirata. Brazilian inspired cocktails made with Germana Cachaça, music and décor will set the mood and turn Sim Senhora into one of the hottest place in London to watch the World Cup games. Sim Senhora is open every day from 6pm and from 11am on weekends, check opening times before booking your table to watch a match.  
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