Richard Corrigan's Easy Game Recipes - Venison, Partridge and Pheasant.

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To celebrate the launch of Sainsbury's new game range, Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan has created four easy game recipes with a modern twist.

By using cooking techniques and ingredients that are rarely tried with game, Richard's recipes have made game more accessible and modern. Best of all, they're quick and easy too!

Venison Ceviche with Crab Apples

Serves 4
  • 300g Taste the Difference Venison Steak (topside, loin or rump)
  • 100g crab apples (or seasonal fruits such as figs, blackberries and cranberries)
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1tblsp sugar
  • Coriander
  • Zest of 1 orange
  • 30 black peppercorns or a handful
  1. Zest the orange and mix with black peppercorns
  2. Put the dry mix in the oven for 10 minutes and then pulse it
  3. Season venison, coat in cooked pepper mix and sear in a hot pan and move
  4. after 30 seconds on each side
  5. Slice thinly ad arrange on the serving dish
  6. Mix lime juice and sugar and drizzle on sliced venison
  7. Add crab apples or seasonal fruit to the plate and garnish with a sprinkle of coriander leaves

Venison, Red Cabbage Slaw & Walnuts 

Serves 4
  • 4 Taste the Difference Venison Steaks
  • Handful of fresh walnuts 
  • 1 red cabbage
  • 2 green apples
  • 2 quince 
  • Thyme
  • Orange zest
  • 2 teaspoons of walnut oil
  • Black pepper
Method 1.      Season the steak with thyme, black pepper and orange zest 2.      Put the steaks in the oven at 180C until cooked medium rare 3.      Finely slice the cabbage and apples intro shreds and salt, set aside 4.      Slice or keep the steak whole and place on a plate ready to serve 5.      Slice the quince into 8 and serve on the side of the steak 6.      Mix in 1tbsp of the oil, with the slaw and add in the whole fresh walnuts 7.      Finish the dish with a serving of the slaw on the side of the steak  

Grilled Partridge, with Sweetcorn, Preserved Lemon and Chorizo

Serves 4
  • 4 x Taste the Difference Whole Partridge
  • 6 x sweetcorn
  • 150g French pumpkin 
  • 50g preserved lemon
  • 100g chorizo
  • 150g orange marmalade (optional)
  • 2 fresh jalapenos (sliced widthways –optional)
  1. Spatchcock the partridge and set aside
  2. Dice the pumpkin, adding sliced chorizo and preserved lemon. Roast in the oven at 180C until browned and tender, not mushy
  3. Grill the partridge in the same oven until medium rare, or for about 10-12 minutes
  4. Boil the sweetcorn kernels until cooked and slice into chunks ready to serve
  5. Once the bird is cooked, remove from the oven and place on a plate. Serve with sweetcorn, roast pumpkin, chorizo and spoon over the juices from the tray
  6. Finish with a dollop of marmalade and sprinkle with some sliced jalapenos (optional)

Poached Pheasant with Apple, Chestnuts and Pickled Pumpkin

Serves 4
  • 4 x Taste the Difference Pheasant Breasts
  • 2 x English Apples + 1 tbsp of sugar (Cox Pippin)
  • ½ packet 250g chestnuts
  • 150g pumpkin
  • ½ orange zest
  • 25g 80% dark chocolate
  • 2 tbsp bottle of Calvados
  • ½ cinnamon sticks
  • Espelettes or 4 dried chili
  1. In an air tight bag or freezer bag, place each pheasant breast with an equal measure of orange zest, chocolate, Calvados, cinnamon and chilli altogether and tie so no air or water can seep in
  2. Place the bags into a large pan of simmering water, making sure the water is not boiling otherwise the meat will become really tough. Cook for no more than 8 minutes
  3. Caramelise the apple with a little sugar in a separate pan and add the chestnuts to roast
  4. Peel the pumpkin skin and discard; then shave the pumpkin into thin strips.
  5. Place the strips to a large bowl or plate, add salt, vinegar and set aside to pickle
  6. Once the pheasant has cooked, slice the breasts into 3 or 4 pieces and place on a plate.  Finish with the sauce from the bag and the pickled pumpkin.
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