Chilli Banquet at Carom Spice Garden, 22 September

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Step into the world of rare chillies and take a trip on a unique culinary adventure with World of Zing and Carom Spice Garden, a stunning Indian restaurant overlooking Tower Bridge.


From the Facing Heaven and Naga Ghost to Guajillo and Pul Biber, the world of Chillies is every bit as exciting as their exotic names suggest.  Chef Vishnu Natarajan and Pritesh Mody from World of Zing will guide you through a five-course tasting menu of beautifully spiced dishes with accompanying cocktails. 

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Quite appropriately, the restaurant itself is located in a former spice warehouse, so the evening will provide the perfect venue and opportunity to learn the history and magic behind the world of chillies.

7pm, 22 September 36e Shad Thames, London SE1 2YE


£65 for a Five course menu, including canapes, champagne and accompanying cocktails from Pink Pigeon Spiced Rum. For tickets, email or contact 020 7314 4002

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Chilli Banquet Menu

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