Balblair release their 1999 Vintage Single Malt Whisky

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Scottish Distillery Balblair have recently released their latest vintage whisky, a lovely 1999 single malt – and it's timed to perfection, as usual!

Founded in 1790, Balblair is one of Scotland's oldest distilleries and is famous for only releasing vintage Highland single-malt whiskies once distillery manager John MacDonald decides they have reached ‘optimum maturation'. A few months ago John took us on a hair-raising ‘Timed to Perfection' trip (including a RIB speedboat ride on the Thames with only a dram of whisky for comfort!) to try out the latest vintage releases, and the 1999 release we enjoyed is now finally available in shops. For whisky buffs, the 1999 vintage was matured in an American oak ex-bourbon cask with a Spanish oak, ex-sherry butt, adding notes of honey, green apples, citrus and Christmas cake to the whisky throughout the years. The appearance is copper-bronze, and on the palate it's smooth, warm and gently spicy. balblair-whisky-58 Not only does their ‘timed to perfection' motto ensure the whisky is just right, it also ties in with how whisky should be enjoyed – slowly, and at the perfect moment when it can be fully savoured and appreciated. While the 1999 vintage single malt is a summer release, winter is fast approaching if recent weather is anything to go by. Get hold of a bottle now, and you'll be fully prepared for a long, dark winter. balblairLDN Balblair 1999 Vintage Single Malt is now available at selected retailers, including Royal Mile Whiskies, The Whisky Shop and The Whisky Exchange. @BalblairWhisky  
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