The Mayfair Pizza Co. - Review

Josie Price |

If you're partial to pizza in the posh part of town, then the Mayfair Pizza Co. might be the place for you.

As its name suggests the plush-looking restaurant can be found by diving just off the main highway that is Bond Street and onto a narrow cobbled mews in the heart of Mayfair, behind some of London's most prestigious shops. Leaving the rickety street that wouldn't be out of place in a Dickens novel we skipped (well, sort of) up a flight of stairs into a spacious, chic and contemporary looking restaurant. Lots of wines on display, big blackboard menus, bit art, a big clock, a well-stocked bar and Prosecco on tap. We sat in comfy armchairs, all very nice. My mum joined me for dinner, "They've got Prosecco, Mum. On tap. Fancy it?" That was it, she was there. mayfair pizza co For starters we ordered tuna carpaccio and Burrata with lentils. We found both dishes full of flavour and presented beautiful. The tuna was light and fresh, just as it should be and the burrata was creamy and mellow. With the lentils, this was a filling dish, be warned. the mayfair pizza co the mayfair pizza co When it came to the main course we ordered a Porcini mushroom and truffle pizza and baked Seabream. The fish portion was quite small and even though I'm not a huge eater, especially if I know I'm duty bound to try something from all three courses (hard life), I probably could have eaten more. The pizza was a good size, less rustic and wood-fired than I expected, more chewier and doughier than I think of for an Italian-style pizza but the topping - mushroom and black truffle – took on a different twist as the mushrooms where part of a thick creamy sauce that was spread on the pizza and melted on top and you could really taste the truffle. I chose from a wide selection of gelato and sorbet to finish my meal, as the other desserts seemed a little heavy. There were things like pannacotta and sweet pizzas on offer, should they float your boat. We did also give the tiramisu a whirl, which wasn't that strongly flavoured but light all the same. It was served in a tea-cup and saucer for a novel touch. mayfair pizza co Overall, the food was good. It was a Monday night and we didn't have to wait long but I can imagine that even on a busy Friday they've probably got it pretty sorted. If pizza is your thing then as well as the classics, they've got some unusual topping combos on the menu such as pulled pork shoulder with BBQ sauce, onions and crackling and chorizo and red onion calzone with black olives, jalapeños, nduja spicy sausage and fresh chilli. The non-pizza options were ample in choice, given pizza is their namesake and of good quality, with a range of meat, fish and vegetarian options in the form of grills, pastas and salads. I wouldn't say it's like a traditional little London Italian eatery but then I don't think it's trying to be. If you're in the area and fancy a pizza or Italian inspired food at very reasonable prices, it could be a good shout. Food: 3/5 Venue: 3/5 Cuisine Type: Italian Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £55 Wine: £4.50 4 Lancashire Court  New Bond Street  London W1S 1EY 0207 629 2889
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