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Michelin-starred maestro moves away from fine dining for Brasserie Chavot, Eric Chavot's stunning debut brasserie!

Rewind 10 years and every chef would have dreamt of owning a venue in Mayfair, with the style of the restaurant almost inevitably being ‘fine-dining' – you know, serving the kind of micro-plates of food that you'd admire, but still need to fill your belly at McDonalds on your way home.  However, Eric Chavot's opening of his eponymous restaurant provides a perfect insight into the aspirations of modern chefs. Renowned for having retained two Michelin stars for almost ten years of his career, Eric Chavot has turned his back on posh nosh to create a classic French-style brasserie that provides an interpretation of fine-dining that is far more in keeping with the zeitgeist.  Whilst Brits such Corbin & King have been opening similar restaurants in recent years, Chavot's understanding and affinity to the food of his birthplace makes Brasserie Chavot amongst the best in town. Brasserie Chavot's decadent Mayfair premises boasts opulent chandeliers, grand deep-red banquettes, an intricate but understated mosaic floor and an attentive but discreet staff, striking the perfect balance between glamour, comfort and French sophistication - the perfect stage on which to present Eric's culinary creations. Brasserie Chavot Interior   And what creations they are.  Not dissimilar to the way David Beckham makes taking a free kick look easy, Chavot has turned the best of British and artisan French produce into dishes that stir the soul.  Starters include Steak tartare and Ceviche of scallops, although the absolute essential is the Snails Bourguignon, which come swimming in a tomato and garlic sauce alongside deeply meaty veal meatballs and the lightest of mash potato toppings. Take a look at the mains and you'll find dishes such as Sea bream with tapenade dressing & fennel and a modern take on Duck a l'orange.  To ensure absolute culinary delight, however, go against the rules of ordering in a restaurant and have the Grilled poussin with garlic, lemon confit & pommes frites.  Holy Moly – since when does chicken taste this good??  Beautifully seasoned and marinated with herbs and garlic, this is one of those rare dishes that I would go out of my way to visit a restaurant for and at just £16.50, entirely affordable to.  Welcome to fine dining for the masses! Food: 4.5/5 Venue: 4/5 Cuisine Type: French Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £80 Wine: £6.50 Brasserie Chavot 41 Conduit St, London W1S 2YF Tel: 020 7183 6425 Brasserie Chavot on Urbanspoon
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