Elephant Gin - the Gin with an African twist

Pritesh Mody |

Elephant GinThe popularity of gin shows no signs of abating and continuing the charge in 2014 is Elephant Gin.

From Ophir Gin made from Asian spices to COLD Gin made in the heart of London, the diversity of ingredients and inspiration behind new gins has reached new heights.  The unique approach of Elephant Gin sees it take inspiration from botanicals discovered in Africa by 19th century explorers.  Amongst the 14 ingredients used are superfruit Baobab, the Buchu plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and African Wormwood.  The result is a distinct nose with touches of juniper, mountain pine and ginger.  The taste continues with the pine, as well as appealing floral notes and a refreshing citrus flavour.  45% Abv.

Elephant Gin is available for around £30.

Elephant Gin - the Gin with an African twist
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