Dalston Original Hot 6x6

Dalston Chillies Original Hot Sauce


Product Description

Occasional Drum & Base DJ and now full time saucier, it’s no surprise that Ben Kei’s Dalston Chillies Original Hot Sauce packs as much of a punch as his beloved music!

Ben used to make his sauce solely for himself and friends, but a Second Place at the Fiery Foods Festival 2012 hot sauce competition changed everything.

Word got round quickly amongst the foodie scene, and suddenly he had a host of restaurants and streetfood vendors queuing to buy Dalston Chillies Original Hot Sauce.

Dalston Chillies Original Hot Sauce is a herby scotch bonnet based sauce inspired by Jamaican hot sauces that will pep up any dish.

Drop Ben a line on twitter for a few saucy words: https://twitter.com/DalstonChillies


Ingredients – Scotch Bonnets (lots of!), vinegar, dried herbs, fresh herbs, sunflower oil, salt