Dalston Chipotle 6x6

Dalston Chillies Chipotle Ketchup


Product Description

Occasional Drum & Base DJ and now full time saucier, it’s no surprise that Ben Kei’s Dalston Chillies Chipotle Ketchup packs as much of a punch as his beloved music!

Ben is INCREDIBLY fussy when it comes to his chillies and insists on using two varieties of the famous Mexican smoked Chipotle chillies with a rich tomato base sauce.

Perhaps the ultimate symbol of love, the creation of Dalston Chillies Chipotle Ketchup was inspired by Ben’s girlfriend who loves ketchup and was going through a chipotle phase!

Drop Ben a line on twitter for a few saucy words: https://twitter.com/DalstonChillies


Ingredients: tomato puree, water, vinegar, unrefined sugar, dried chillies, onion, salt, garlic granules.


Additional Information

Pack Size

250ml Bottle