BTW Tonic Syrup

BTW Tonic Syrup


Product Description

BTW Tonic Syrup is quite simply the most delicious, unadulterated and interesting tonic water to be created since the advent of this now omnipresent mixer and here’s why…

Based on a Victorian recipe, BTW Syrup is the only tonic we know of that is made by soaking actual Cinchona Bark in pure water to naturally release the quinine (the ingredient that gives tonic water its distinctive flavour).  All that’s added to this hand-made preparation is sugar and citric acid.   This undiluted syrup is left part filtered which, when lengthened with soda, provides a beautiful sunset golden hue.

By contrast most commercially available premium tonic water use quinine extracts, essences & other ingredients.

To use, simply pour around 25ml of BTW Syrup per 50ml of gin and top with your desired amount of soda. With around 20 servings per bottle, Bermondsey Tonic Water is great value too!

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Pack Size

500ml Bottle