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World of Zing Blackberry & Tamarind Spiced Rum Punch


Product Description

World of Zing Blackberry & Tamarind Spiced Rum Punch is a special edition that we originally created for London Cocktail Week.  However, it proved so popular that we decided to keep producing it!

“I had one sniff of your variously-aged libations and am still haunted by their complexity”
Renowned wine & drinks writer, Douglas Blyde

As featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, BarChick and many more… CLICK HERE to read the press about our cocktail range!

Handmade Using:
Pink Pigeon Vanilla Spiced Rum, World of Zing’s Handmade Blackberry & Tamarind Liqueur, Chamomile Water, Honey, Natural Malic Acid Solution (derived from Apples)

Classic Rum punches can be found to have a spiky flavour, so we’ve turned to science to create a truly smooth experience.  We have turned to blackberries and tamarind to provide the tangy flavours usually associated with citrus fruits, whilst a period of ageing helps the flavours to marry.

Enjoyment Instructions:
Pour 75ml into an ice filled tumbler/highball glass & garnish with a lime wedge. Top with Soda or Prosecco for a spritz style drink.

17% Abv / Each bottle contains around 7 serves

Additional Information

Size & Other Info

500ml Bottle Abv: 15% Please note that each batch is handmade and bottled when we think it tastes just right.  As such, drink specifications, ageing times and flavour are likely to vary slightly between batches; but then, the variations and discoveries of new flavours are half the fun of small batching and ageing cocktails!